Cigent Bare Metal

Add a layer of security to your data stream.

Cigent has partnered with leading storage manufacturers to bring Cigent Bare Metal™ security solutions to market. Novel in its concept, Cigent Bare Metal protects the data layer. The closer protection is to your data, the faster, stronger, and more focused your protective responses will be.

Cigent Bare Metal is designed to address the issues of proximity and containment by integrating with the storage device controller of a solid state drive (SSD), actively monitoring and defending your data from inside the data stream itself. Simply put, there is no way to get closer to your data and there is no better containment method than to shut off the data stream entirely.

Physical security is supported through an external monitoring platform, the Cigent D3 Engine. By seamlessly interfacing with the controller, D3E affords Cigent Bare Metal the unique ability to detect signs of compromise and protect your data at rest or in transit.

Defend data seamlessly.

With its software/firmware-based approach, Cigent Bare Metal adds an additional level of protection with integrated TCG Opal 2.0 extended range locking and firmware-based tethering. When the threat level is elevated, cryptographically locked files and folders can only be accessed with a step-up authentication. If the host agent is disabled, sensitive files remain locked until the connection is restored and the user authenticates.

Keep data safe with continuous user authentication.

The Cigent D3 Engine software agent—paired with a Cigent Bare Metal SSD—protects against a broad range of cyber attacks, including malware, ransomware, insider threat, and lost or stolen devices. D3E analyzes changes in data access patterns, keyboard typing patterns, and other behavioral sensors to continuously authenticate the identity of the user. Additional system and network sensors are deployed to detect and analyze discrete security events, including integrations with Windows Defender and other leading EDR and next-gen AV security platforms.

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