Cigent Bare Metal

Add a layer of security to your data stream.

Cigent Bare Metal™ is a novel concept in data protection at the lowest level. The closer your data protection solution is to your data, the faster, stronger, and more focused your protective responses will be.

Cigent Bare Metal has been designed to address the issues of proximity and containment by integrating with the storage device controller of a Solid State Drive (SSD); actively monitoring and defending your data from inside the data stream itself. There is simply no way to get closer than inside the stream and there is no better containment method than shutting off the stream entirely. Physical security is provided through an external monitoring platform (Cigent for Endpoints) seamlessly interfaced with the controller, allowing Cigent Bare Metal the unique ability to protect your data whether it is at rest or in transit. No data goes in and no data leaves without Cigent Bare Metal’s explicit knowledge and consent.

Defend data seamlessly.

The Cigent Bare Metal SSD/HDD’s software/firmware-based approach adds an additional level of protection with integrated firmware-based command logging and range locking. Cigent Bare Metal provides security out of the box and actively defends data with minimal user interaction.

Keep data safe with continuous user authentication.

The Cigent for Endpoints software agent, working in conjunction with Cigent Bare Metal firmware implementations, analyzes changes in data access patterns, along with other system sensors, to uniquely identify users and provide continuous user authentication for both local and cloud-based data and applications. Cigent for Endpoints further supports an API for third-party security integration. By adding protections to the firmware layer of a storage device, Cigent Bare Metal prevents data theft and thwarts cybercriminals far more effectively than existing solutions. Cigent for Endpoints may be paired with a Bare Metal SSD (or HDD) or operate as a standalone agent.

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