Layer Zero Data Protection

Introducing the Cigent Dynamic Data Defense Engine for Windows

Zero Trust File-Access Controls with Everywhere Protection

The Cigent® Zero-Trust approach to data protection ensures that all sensitive files are protected from any threat. Cigent D³E® requires a simple form of authentication to access any sensitive file—a true game changer for Windows users. Files remain secure at all times: on the endpoint, at the network, in the cloud, or when shared with authorized users.

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D³E protects your data from:

  • Ransomware

  • Hacker Exploits

  • Fileless Malware

  • Phishing

  • Insider Threats

  • Device Loss or Theft

Choose the plan that's right for you.

D³E is available as a free download and is ideal for individuals who would like to protect their sensitive files. D³E Premium is delivered as an annual subscription and includes several advanced file protection features, including secure group file sharing, threat sensors, EDR integrations, and a multitenant web-based management console for centralized deployment, configuration, and response management for system administrators and MSPs.

Cigent D³E Premium

Ideal for businesses and enterprises

  • Lock critical data instantly, without impacting the user's ability to continue working, or to access files.

  • Protect your organization's IP from any threat, even when stored in the data center, the cloud, the endpoint, or external storage.

  • Encrypt files and seamlessly share them with groups of authorized users using Zero Trust multifactor authentication.

  • Add a new level of granularity to EDR and AV response, including group file locking and centralized file locking in a heightened threat environment.

  • For added security, keep data hidden—and inaccessible from threat actors—in hardware-encrypted safe rooms, supported by any Cigent Secure SSD or TCG Opal 2.0 self-encrypting drive.

  • Set up file protection policies for your entire workforce, including personnel working from home.

Cigent D³E

Ideal for personal use

  • Keep personal information, tax returns, files, and photos safe from ransomware, malware, and other threats, no matter where they are stored or when they are emailed to trusted individuals.

  • Stay protected when you connect to a public or risky Wi-Fi network.

  • Keep data safe, even if your email is hacked or your personal credentials are compromised.

  • Receive alerts whenever cybercriminals elude antivirus and home network security and try to access your files.

  • Count on seamless integration with Windows Hello, Windows Security, and other antivirus solutions.

Cigent D3E

Data Security for Windows
Ideal for personal use
No credit card required

Cigent D3E Premium

Data Security for Windows
$45/month for 5 devices
5-device minimum; discounts for additional devices
FREE trial for 5 devices

Cigent D³E protects your files in a way that's never been done before.

Active Lock File Protection

Defeat attempts to ransom and steal data by restricting access to your files with multifactor authentication.

Folder Designations

  • Dynamic

    Files are are protected with multifactor authentication only when a threat is detected.

  • Always

    Files are always protected with multifactor authentication.

  • Encrypted

    Files are always encrypted and protected with multifactor authentication.

Zero Trust MFA

Files can be accessed by the user only with step-up authentication. Methods include:

  • Windows Hello® Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, or PIN

  • Cisco Duo®

  • Google® and Microsoft® Authenticator

  • D³E Premium only

D³E Sensor Platform

Built-in sensors detect threats and trigger an Active Lock on Dynamically protected files.

  • Disable AV Endpoint

    Detects if the host antivirus agent is disabled

  • Untrusted Network

    Detects if Windows PC connects to an untrusted network

  • File Deception

    Detects attempted access to deception files, added to the Windows File System, by D³E or by the user

  • Network Deception

    Detects attempted access to network honeypots created by D³E

  • USB Insertion

    Detects insertion of untrusted USB device

  • AV Integrations

    Cigent D³E integrates with antivirus software* and responds to security events by locking dynamically-protected files

  • EDR Integrations

    Cigent D³E integrates with popular EDR solutions**  through the Management Console and responds to security events by locking dynamically-protected files and Secure Drives,  by device or across groups of users.

* Supported AV includes Microsoft Defender and PC Matic.

** Supported EDR includes Sophos, VMware Carbon Black, Cisco, and CyberArk.

  • D³E Premium only

Cigent Secure SSD Firmware

For added security, D³E supports enhanced data defense features when paired with Cigent Secure SSDs.

  • Secure Drives

    Configurable, threat-aware disk partitions that are hidden from the OS layer until access by the user with MFA either at all times,  only a threat is detected, or when the system is power cycled.

  • Tethering—Keep Alive

    Heartbeat monitors the D³E agent and locks Secure Drives and D3E dynamically-protected files if D3E service is disabled

  • Ransomware Detection and Response

    Dedicated security processor uses machine learning to detect and respond to ransomware,  even if host security software is bypassed*

  • File Access Logging

    File Access Logs indicate what files have been accessed by an unauthorized user during a suspected breach

  • Dual Mode

    Hidden hard drive that remains invisible to the system until you flip into it using multifactor authentication.

  • True Erase

    Built-in verification technology shows the user exactly what has been removed and what information, if any, still remains on the SSD after an attempted wipe.

* Only available in Cigent Secure SSD Denali model

  • D³E Premium only

Cigent Multitenant Web-Based Management Console

  • For rapid response to externally-detected threats, engage Active Lock on a single device or on a group of devices.

  • Assign minimum protection settings, either globally or by device set.

  • Take advantage of predefined, customizable protection for Microsoft Office and Adobe files.

  • View Active Lock, policy compliance, and protection status across all devices.

  • View historic threats across all devices.

  • Process whitelisting of backup utilities.

  • D³E Premium only

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With D³E, your files remain yours.

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