Cigent D3 Engine

Your most coveted data is vulnerable every day.

The number of cyberattacks to all businesses is a constant reminder of how vulnerable our most coveted data is. With the number of attack vectors on the rise, businesses struggle to detect and respond to the constant plethora of attacks affordably and reliably. Attackers are constantly updating their tradecraft and using tools already installed and trusted on systems to do their bidding. Malicious insiders already have access to your environment, making detection and remediation even more difficult.

Cigent is expanding the range of protection.

Cigent is proposing a new approach to data security, one that takes the concepts present in current cyberadversary behaviors, continuous authentication, and zero trust networks, and applies them to both increasingly lower levels of the storage layer and upwards toward the network and cloud stack. The result is an unprecedented level of protection, detection and response to cyberattacks, insider threats, and suspicious user behavior.

Introducing The Cigent D3 Engine

Our Dynamic Data Defense Engine (D3E™) is a new approach aimed at proactively assessing the threat environment and walling off access to your coveted data when your system is at risk. D3E relies on machine learning and user behavior to continuously authenticate the identity of the user. Discrete sensors are deployed to monitor suspicious network, system, and deception events for indications of compromise. These sensors, along with ingested security events from Windows Defender and other leading endpoint and network security products are then fed into an AI based Analysis Engine. When the threat level is elevated, D3E responds by securely locking user configured folders, blocking suspicious devices, or sending an alert to a SIEM or SOC.

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