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Cigent for Networks

Choose advanced, affordable cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is an ongoing battle for entrepreneurs and enterprises alike. We can help. Cigent for Networks™ detects and blocks threats using advanced network traffic monitoring. Best of all, it's affordable, easy to deploy, instantly effective, and runs alongside any cybersecurity solutions you already have.

Prevent attacks by blocking threats.

Cigent for Networks monitors Internet-based traffic going into and out of your network. When threats are discovered, Cigent traps and blocks them in real time, preventing attacks before they happen. When further analysis or attention is needed, alerts are dispatched automatically.

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Cybersecurity Ops Center

Based in the cloud—and monitored by our analysts—the Cigent Cybersecurity Operations Center examines threat intelligence, assesses its relevance, and continually updates Cigent Cyberthreat Sensors accordingly.

Automation Engine

Using intelligent automation, Cigent Alert Automation handles standard alerts automatically. Only alerts that comply with specific criteria and behaviors are elevated.

Threat Intelligence Engine

Intelligence from Cigent Cyberthreat Sensors around the world—and from thousands of public, private, and government feeds—is captured by the Cigent Threat Intelligence Engine.

Incident Response

When the Cigent Cyberthreat Sensor detects a threat, it captures its information, blocks all communications between it and your network, and relays incident information to the Cigent Cybersecurity Operations Center,
for analysis.

Malware Analysis

No matter how malware attempts to infiltrate your network—via files or fileless—Cigent Malware Analysis identifies and assesses threats.

Cigent Analysts

The Cigent Cybersecurity Operations Center is manned by our cybersecurity analysts who provide turnkey monitoring and alert-response services. Prefer to manage alerts internally? We’ll send feeds
directly to you.

Threat Relevance Engine

Intelligence is contextualized and ranked by the Cigent Threat Relevance Engine. Relevant threat indicators are dispatched to your Cigent Cyberthreat Sensors, ensuring network threats are identified and blocked.

Cigent Cyberthreat Sensor

Based on premises, the Cigent Cyberthreat Sensor monitors all traffic running into and out of your network. When a threat is detected, the sensor entraps it, blocking all communications between it and your network.

Outside Your Firewall

Outside your firewall, Cigent provides a real-time view of network reconnaissance and attack attempts, and blocks all communication with threat actors.

Inside Your Firewall

Inside your firewall, Cigent Cyberthreat Sensor attracts and traps threats and undetected malware, blocks all communication, thwarting hackers' attempts to gather information.

Turn the Tables

The more complex a target is, the more effort that’s required to hack it. As a result, a hacker’s first line of attack lands on the easiest targets—and your Cigent Cyberthreat Sensor is standing by with a honeypot-style trap.

Network Deception

Cigent Cyberthreat Sensor disguises itself as valuable, vulnerable target, attracts a threat actor, captures its information, and blocks all communications between it and your network.

Monitoring and Forensics

As traffic is monitored, data packets are inspected, classified, analyzed, and logged, ensuring known and unknown indicators of compromise (IOCs) are revealed and blocked.

Incident Response

When an incident occurs, the appropriate response is executed automatically. Alerts are dispatched, per your company's notification policies.

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