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Gain the upper hand on your cyber adversaries.

If your organization is trying to manage its own network security, or the network security of your WFH employees, chances are you are fighting a losing battle. Why? In today’s advanced threat environment, it's too easy for threat actors to find vulnerabilities and bypass antivirus, firewall, and other protection layers. Cigent for Networks™ (C4N) can help.

Featuring several layers of advanced detection and response technology, C4N sits inline and inspects all packets moving into and out of the network. When threats are discovered, C4N traps and blocks them, preventing an infection from turning into an attack. Best of all, C4N is affordable, easy to deploy, immediately effective, and fully managed by Cigent® cybersecurity experts.

Four Reasons to Choose C4N

  • Affordable managed network security around the clock

  • Rapidly deployable, instantly effective, and fully scalable

  • Works alongside cybersecurity solutions that you already have in place

  • No training or dedicated personnel required; no hidden support costs

See what our customers say.

Waterman Broadcasting Corp.

We have found the team at Cigent to be outstanding! They have assisted us with the initial testing of our network, identifying where potential weaknesses might exist and then helping us design an economical approach to protecting our data. They have spent time with our IT staff providing training and configuring the equipment/systems to monitor our Internet traffic.

Gerald W. Poppe

VP/Chief Financial Officer

FineMark National Bank & Trust

From implementation to full operation, working with Cigent has been nothing but a first-class experience. We received our hardware with easy-to-use instructions and with the white-glove service that Cigent always provides. Getting everything up and running was very simple, and took no time at all. Cigent has been extremely helpful in adjusting the C4N system to suit our specific needs and desires.

Jason Manwell

Senior Vice President of Information Technology

Schutt Law Firm

As a law firm handling million dollar real estate transactions through our trust account, we are the constant target of hackers and scammers. Instead of hiring our own in-house cybersecurity experts,  we rely on Cigent to protect us from constant and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. The combination of Cigent's advanced  technology and experienced team of cyber security experts provide us with the turnkey cyber security that we need at an affordable price.

Darrin R. Schutt, Esq

Attorney/Civil Law Notary//Rechtsanwalt/Notar

The threat is real—and it’s lethal. Know the facts.

Understand the risk.

Once inside your network, cyber adversaries can dwell undetected—for months. They download advanced malware and conduct reconnaissance on all of your critical infrastructure until they are ready to launch a full-scale cyberattack. And when they do, it can be an existential threat to your organization.

Fight back.

To counter modern cyberthreats, assume your network will eventually be breached. Focus on adding in-depth defense—several layers of managed threat-detection and response protections that detect and block anomalies from inside your network. By deploying a multilayer approach to cybersecurity, it becomes far more difficult for cyber adversaries to go undetected and do any lasting damage to your network.

Why managed?

Data and alerts, generated by an advanced network detection and response solution, are difficult to interpret. It becomes a full-time job—one that's best left to seasoned cybersecurity professionals. In fact, unless you have an unlimited budget, it's not likely that your IT staff has the resources or training required to adequately defend your network against advanced threats.

Cybersecurity technology managed for you 24/7/365.

C4N Features

Cyberthreat Sensor

Cyberthreat Sensor

Based on premises, the Cigent Cyberthreat Sensor installs instantly and monitors all traffic running into and out of your network. When a threat is detected, the sensor blocks all communications between it and any device on your network.

Deception Engine

Deception Engine

The Deception Engine disguises itself as a valuable, vulnerable target on your network, setting a honeypot-style trap for both external and internal cyber adversaries and blocks them immediately.

Threat Intelligence Engine

Threat Intelligence Engine

Threat intelligence from public, private, and government sources is analyzed and ranked by the Cigent Threat Intelligence Engine. Relevant threat indicators are dispatched hourly to the Cigent Cyberthreat Sensors.

Network Security Monitoring and Forensics

Network Security Monitoring and Forensics

All data packets are inspected, classified, analyzed, and logged, ensuring known and unknown indicators of compromise (IOCs) are revealed and blocked. Sophisticated data analytics are used to detect advanced network communications anomalies.

Intrusion Detection and Response

Intrusion Detection and Response

As packets are ingested into the system, they're inspected by an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that looks for threats, anomalies, misconfigurations, protocol mismatches, data exfiltration, and other indicators of compromise. Egregious threat communications are blocked in real time.

Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Cigent for Networks can scan your internal network for vulnerabilities on a monthly basis. The CSOC alerts you when urgent vulnerabilities are found.

Behavioral Network Risk Scoring

Behavioral Network Risk Scoring

Cigent for Networks profiles your network's behavior over time, and calculates the risk/likelihood that a cybersecurity incident will occur. When major changes in the risk score are detected, an alert goes to the CSOC for investigation.

Cigent Cybersecurity Operations Center

Cigent Cybersecurity Operations Center

Based in the cloud—and staffed by highly trained analysts—the CSOC does exactly what the cybercriminals hope you don’t do—keep eyes on your network at all times, relentlessly identifying vulnerabilities and hunting down and destroying cyberthreats in customers’ environments.

C4N Optional Services

Managed Endpoint Protection

Managed Endpoint Protection

By combining the power of Cigent for Networks with the application whitelisting capabilities of PC Matic, we offer an extremely affordable and effective prevention and detection/response capability to any organization, without having to add any additional staff or expertise.

Managed Data Defense for Windows

Managed Data Defense for Windows

By utilizing Cigent’s Dynamic Data Defense Engine (D3E), monitored and managed by the CSOC, Cigent can stop unauthorized access to any file, at any time. In the advent of a cybersecurity incident, the CSOC locks file access across the organization until the incident has been remediated, reducing the risk of data loss via ransomware and theft.

Learn more about Cigent C4N.

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Your organization is at risk every day from:

  • Phishing Attacks

  • Zero-Day Hardware and Software Vulnerabilities

  • IT Misconfigurations

  • User Behavior

  • Living-Off-the-Land Attacks

  • Insider Attacks


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