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Featuring advanced plug-and-protect technology, Cigent for Networks™ (C4N) monitors traffic going into and out of your network. It also provides Dark Web monitoring in real time. When threats are discovered—including ransomware—Cigent traps and blocks them, preventing attacks before they happen. Alerts are dispatched automatically. Best of all, C4N is affordable, easy to deploy, immediately effective, and fully managed by Cigent cybersecurity experts.

The threat is real—and it’s lethal. Know the facts.


Close Down

Statistics that show 20% of small businesses are hacked every year, and 60% of them are forced to close within six months.

Source: National Cyber Security Alliance



Two-thirds of data breaches go undetected for months or more. And if data is stolen, you may never get it back.

Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report



The probability that an organization will experience a breach of greater than 1,000 records in any given year is 14% with estimated financial damage of $1.9M.

Source: Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Overview


Risk reduction

Cigent for Networks (C4N) reduces cyberthreat risk by as much as 80%—and when threats are found, detection and remediation is immediate.

Source: Cigent Technology

Why choose Cigent for Networks?

  • Affordable managed network security around the clock

  • Rapidly deployable, instantly effective, and fully scalable

  • Works alongside cybersecurity solutions that you already have in place

  • No training or dedicated personnel required; no hidden support costs

Cybersecurity technology managed for you 24/7/365.

Cyberthreat Sensor

Cyberthreat Sensor

Based on premises, the Cigent Cyberthreat Sensor monitors all traffic running into and out of your network. When a threat is detected, the sensor entraps it, blocking all communications between it and your network.

Deception Engine

Deception Engine

The Deception Engine disguises itself as a valuable, vulnerable target on your network, setting a honeypot-style trap for both external and internal cyber adversaries. Since there is no production or advertised use of these services,any connection to these services is malicious in nature (attack or reconnaissance). Once an attack is detected, the egress communication to that IP address is blocked, and the indicator is sent to our CSOC via API, and this is added to our Threat Intelligence list - if an adversary attacks one customer, all of our customers are protected.

Threat Intelligence Engine

Threat Intelligence Engine

Threat intelligence from public, private, and government sources is analyzed and ranked by the Cigent Threat Intelligence Engine. Relevant threat indicators are dispatched hourly to your Cigent Cyberthreat Sensors.

Network Security Monitoring and Forensics

Network Security Monitoring and Forensics

All data packets are inspected, classified, analyzed, and logged, ensuring known and unknown indicators of compromise (IOCs) are revealed and blocked.Sophisticated data analytics are used to detect advanced network communications anomalies.

Intrusion Detection and Response

Intrusion Detection and Response

Every ingress/egress packet on the network receives a real-time deep-packet inspection. As packets are ingested into the system, they're inspected by an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for threats, anomalies, misconfigurations, protocol mismatches, data exfiltration, and other indicators of compromise. Egregious threat communications are blocked in real time.

Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Cigent for Networks can scan your internal network for vulnerabilities on a monthly basis. Cigent CSOC alerts you if urgent vulnerabilities are found.

Behavioral Network Risk Scoring

Behavioral Network Risk Scoring

Cigent for Networks profiles network behaviors over time, and calculates the risk (likelihood) that a cybersecurity incident will occur. When major changes in the risk score are detected, an alert goes to our CSOC for investigation.

Cigent Cybersecurity Operations Center

Cigent Cybersecurity Operations Center

Based in the cloud—and staffed by our highly trained analysts—the Cigent CSOC does exactly what the cyber criminals hope you don’t do—keep eyes on your network at all times, relentlessly hunting down and destroying cyberthreats in our customers’ environments.


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