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Advance your cyber hygiene towards CMMC compliance.

Get ready for CMMC compliance.

To prepare for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance, contractors need a formalized approach to cybersecurity so they can demonstrate their cyber hygiene. With five levels and 17 domains containing practices and processes distributed among these levels, you may find yourself struggling to meet the new demands assessed by CMMC Third-Party Assessment Organizations (C3PAOs).

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Understand the CMMC challenge.

The challenge is that, as you work to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities, installing different point products to resolve individual problems increases complexity, cost, and risk management. You want to avoid ending up with a complete patchwork of products that leave your IT team without the resources and visibility needed to meet CMMC requirements.

Cigent Managed CMMC Compliance

Cigent’s one-stop shop of affordable, cloud-managed CMMC compliance solutions meet almost 100% of the controls in levels 1–5. These services include managed SIEM, continuous threat detection and response, visibility into all assets on the network, and data protection assets spanning across the five maturity levels. Take advantage of the varied benefits and flexible scope of these solutions to meet certification standards:

Cigent Managed SIEM

Rely on Cigent’s Managed Blueshift XDR platform to securely monitor your organization’s full infrastructure for threats, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations, including network , cloud, endpoint, server, IoT, mobile, and remote employee devices. Cigent Blueshift XDR moves your cybersecurity defenses beyond siloed solutions and focuses on security integration, connecting and seamlessly engaging with all devices, data, and systems across the network. When it comes to incident response, it allows our SOC teams to quickly identify, block, and protect against sophisticated attacks.

Meets CMMC Levels 1–5

Physical Security

Learn the risk awareness and response strategies you need to protect your system with SSU’s physical security training.

Meets CMMC Levels 1–5

Whitelist Management

Surpass typical whitelist features and employ highly effective default-deny defense for your system with PC Matic’s whitelist management and optional antivirus.

Meets CMMC Levels 3–5

Email and File Security

Capture, scan, and remediate targeted issues before attacks get to your inbox or shared files with Avanan’s email and file security.

Meets CMMC Levels 3–5

Zero Trust CUI Protection

Leverage Zero-Trust file access controls using multifactor authentication to defend CUI at all times:  on the endpoint, at the network, in the cloud, or when shared with trusted users with Cigent Dynamic Data Defense Engine™ (D³E).

Meets CMMC Levels 1–5

Self-Defending Storage

Implement self-defending storage with built-in cybersecurity features to protect CUI, detect and repel ransomware attacks, audit file access logs, and verify that CUI is completely erased when media is repurposed or at end of life with Cigent Secure SSD™.

Meets CMMC Levels 1–5

Managed Network Detection and Response

Install Cigent’s plug and protect cyberthreat sensor in order to securely inspect and log every data packet that moves in and out of your network. Cigent’s (C4N) MNDR platform provides several layers of defense in depth for all devices on the network, including Threat Intelligence, Deception, Intrusion Detection, Network Security Monitoring, and Internal Vulnerability Scanning.

Meets CMMC Levels 1–5

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Cigent CTO, Greg Scasny, discusses the advantages and limitations of Zero Trust and how it can be applied to protect CUI in order to meet CMMC compliance objectives.

Cigent CTO, Greg Scasny, discusses the advantages and limitations of Zero Trust and how it can be applied to protect CUI in order to meet CMMC compliance objectives.

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