Cyberthreat Assessment

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In today’s escalating cyberthreat environment, your data is a prime target. Day after day, cybercriminals assault networks, steal data, and demand exorbitant ransoms. If your company is victimized, the financial damage can be catastrophic—it doesn't end there. Your reputation also takes a hit.

The clock is ticking. Begin with an assessment.

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Effective network security begins with a thorough assessment of your network—from the inside out. Cigent® makes it fast and affordable. Sign up for an automated Cyberthreat Assessment and we'll install a threat sensor on your network. Over the next 10 days, we'll turn off automated blocking and run the sensor in data collection mode only. We'll also scan your local network for known vulnerabilities.

See how C4N can reduce your risk.

Receive a confidential threat report.

At the end of the assessment period, Cigent will generate a confidential threat overview report which reveals all current threats and risks the Cigent for Networks™ (C4N) platform has detected, along with a threat score based on the vulnerability scanning results. The report will also include further analyses of all threats the Cigent for Networks MNDR service would have blocked when fully deployed, and recommended changes that can be made to improve your security posture.

About Cigent for Networks

Cigent for Networks delivers the advanced network detection and response technology that protects your network from the inside out. Delivered as a plug-and-protect managed service, the Cigent for Networks CyberThreat sensor is easy to install and works seamlessly with the cloud-based Cigent Security Operations Center. As a result, your network is protected by several layers of sophisticated network security:

  • Network deception

  • Intrusion detection and prevention

  • Network security monitoring

  • Network forensics

  • Threat intelligence

  • Internal vulnerability scanning

Take the first step towards network security.

Cyberthreat Assessment


Choose Cigent for Networks and 100% of the cybersecurity assessment fee will be applied to your managed service agreement.

The automated 10-day assessment is conducted in one of your locations.

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Cyberthreat Assessment FAQ

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