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Cigent D3E

How does D3E work in conjunction with antivirus and EDR solutions?

What third party security solutions are integrated with D3E?

What is the difference between Always Locked and Dynamically Locked files, folders, and disk partitions in D3E?

Will D3E protect files stored in Microsoft One Drive folders in Windows 10?

Will D3E work with all Self Encrypting Drives?

How does D3E stop ransomware?

What is the difference between “Locked” and “Protected” folders in D3E?

Is D3E the same as encryption?

How can I purchase D3E?

What are your plans to integrate D3E with security solutions other than Windows Defender?

How does D3E work in conjunction with Windows Defender?

Can I try D3E before I buy it?

Cigent Bare Metal

What happens if my Bare Metal SSD is lost or stolen?

How can I purchase a Cigent Bare Metal SSD?

Why is it important that Bare Metal SSDs be tethered to the endpoint agent?

How is a Cigent Bare Metal encryption different than Microsoft Bit Locker

Cigent for Networks

My company has remote employees. Do they require a C4N license?

How is the annual C4N SaaS license price determined?

What devices are monitored by C4N?

Where does the device sit on my network?

What's the difference between the CyberThreat Assessment and C4N?

Does C4N block all threats?

Will C4N make my network run slower?

I already have other expensive cybersecurity solutions in place, why do I need C4N?

I have firewall and antivirus solutions. How does C4N work my other cybersecurity solutions?

Does C4N stop ransomware?

Cybersecurity Assessment

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Subscription Plans

What is the difference between Cigent D3E and Bare Metal?

Do you offer volume discounts?

Can I upgrade D3E to D3E Premium when it is available?


How do I contact support?

Do you support any languages other than English?

Will D3E and or Bare Metal make my system run slower?

Do I still need to use my anti-virus software with D3E & Bare Metal?

When will your management console be available?

Do you have any plans to support Linux, Mac OS, or Android??

What versions of Windows do you support?

Do you work with resellers?