Cigent and Flexxon Partner to Produce the World’s First Cybersecure SSD

Washington, D.C
November 14, 2018

Cigent Technology and Flexxon today announced the world’s first cyber-secure SSD.  When paired with Cigent’s endpoint software, the Cigent Bare Metal™ SSD by Flexxon XPHY Series, uses elements of AI, machine learning and deception to detect security anomalies and actively respond with hardware-based data protections.

“Flexxon’s unique ability to customize their storage technology allows us to embed Cigent’s active protection down to the bare metal,” said Bradley A. Rowe, CEO of Cigent.  “The Bare Metal™ SSD is designed to work in conjunction with all existing security solutions and proactively lock-down data in an elevated threat environment.”

The global epidemic and cost of cyber-crime has reached almost epic proportions and is projected to hit $6 trillion by 2021. Every day 1.5 million businesses and people worldwide are affected by cyber-crime and the loss of intellectual property.  Existing tools are only effective to a point as the bad actors eventually get in.  By adding protections to the firmware layer of an SSD, Bare Metal™ promises to prevent data theft and thwart cyber-criminals.  

The Bare Metal™ SSD’s firmware-based approach models data access patterns and actively defends data with minimal user interaction.  Cigent’s endpoint agent utilizes these access patterns, along with other system sensors, to provide continuous user authentication for both local and cloud-based data and applications.  Cigent’s endpoint agent further supports an API for third-party security integrations.

“The global market opportunity for cyber-secure SSDs is vast,” said Camellia Chan, General Manager of Flexxon.  “Cyber-aware customers in enterprise, government, industrial, SMB and other users will all benefit from this new and additional layer of hardware and firmware security.  We look forward to bringing the Bare Metal™ SSD to market with our partner Cigent.”

The partners expect the first shipments of Cigent Bare Metal™ by Flexxon in the first quarter of 2019.

About Flexxon

Flexxon designs, manufactures and markets Industrial NAND Flash Storage Solutions products, specifically serving CYBERSECURITY, INDUSTRIAL, MEDICAL & AUTOMOTIVE (IMA) applications and customers worldwide who demand the very highest level of reliability, endurance and wide operating temperature ranges.  Flexxon is 100% focused on developing products and solutions, which are customized to support various Industrial performance requirements for our customers. We have the largest account base of Industrial, Medical and Automotive (IMA) customers in the world.  Flexxon has profound knowledge of the NAND flash market, related technology, and in-depth understanding of the challenges and requirements of our CYBERSECURITY, INDUSTRIAL, MEDICAL and AUTOMOTIVE (IMA) customers. Flexxon offers leading edge Industrial NAND Flash-based storage products with exceptional performance and outstanding reliability.

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About Cigent

Cigent is pioneering an AI-based endpoint security and response solution that detects hacking activity in real-time and actively protects data, even in the event of a breach. Cigent relies on changes in data access patterns, heuristics, and deception to detect changes in user activity.  When the perceived threat level is elevated, we respond by locking down data and/or applications with multi-factor authentication and blocking the communications of suspicious devices.  Cigent plays well with other security solutions such as Zero Trust, AV-AM, and EDR via an open API.  Cigent offers an additional layer of protection against malware, ransomware, insider threats, file-less malware, and network intrusions. Cigent’s particular focus on insider threats and continuous authentication has led to strong interest in highly sensitive applications.

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