Cigent Forms Security Advisory Board

Fort Myers, Fla
November 16, 2020

Cigent Technology, Inc., an innovative cyber security technology provider, has formed a Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) comprised of distinguished public sector industry leaders. The Cigent SAB will work closely with the Company’s leadership team to formulate strategic and go-to-market priorities surrounding the forthcoming generation of industry-first storage products with built-in cyber security.

"This is an important milestone for Cigent as we prepare to go to market with new approaches to fighting the war on cyber crime," said Brad Rowe, Cigent’s CEO. "We are in a unique position to change the way people, companies and government agencies protect themselves and their data from those wishing to do harm. Because of this, we needed a unique group of strategic advisors. We thoughtfully curated this board to include public sector industry experts whose collective experience ensures Cigent has the guidance we need to navigate our way in the dynamic and complex cyber security solutions market.”

The new SAB will be chaired by John Zangardi, who previously served as Chief Information Officer for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Acting Do DCIO/Principal Deputy, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for C4I, IO and Space. Zangardi is an internationally recognized IT, cyber security, and data analysis leader and executive. He is a regular conference speaker and has testified before US House and Senate committees on topics such as IT modernization, cybersecurity, supply chain, and space.

"Cigent has both the technology, the expertise and market vision to provide a truly new approach to protecting a variety of entities against cyber crime,” said Zangardi."I’m very pleased to have been asked to chair the Board of Strategic Advisors for Cigent and support its strategic planning and market execution. ”Additional Cigent SAB members include:

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Cigent protects your organization's data from the inside out. Our network and endpoint cybersecurity solutions add multiple additional layers of data defense that stop ransomware and data theft, even in the event your system or network has been compromised.

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