Our Product

The Ultimate
in Data Protection

Software and hardware solutions to secure data at the edge and wherever it goes.

Protects Data from Physical and Remote Attack Vectors
Complements Existing EDR and FDE Solutions
Available as FIPS 140-2 Validated
Protection with Low to No Operational Overhead

Software as a Service

Protect files from data theft and ransomware on PCs, clouds, NAS, and wherever files go with file encryption and digital rights management, ensuring only trusted users can access files. Optionally, use an Opal SED to protect against advanced remote and physical access attacks.

Secure SSD Advanced

Secure storage with custom firmware protecting data from zero-day ransomware and all known physical and remote access attacks, available as non-FIPS or FIPS-140-2 validated.

Cigent Advanced Available as internal and external storage.

Secure SSD Premium

Self-protecting storage with a dedicated security microprocessor, disconnection detection switch, accelerometer, and capacitors that automatically defeat attacks.

Cigent Premium Available as internal and external storage.
Everything in Cigent Advanced and...
Embedded ransomware detection
Disconnect detection and response
Wipe, clone, alt O/S boot prevention
Emergency automated wipe
Movement detection and response

Software as a Service

Enterprise-wide data security includes all Cigent Select features, Cigent Secure SSD management, and…

Enterprise Management Console

  • Multi-tenant, hosted or on-prem
  • Group policy settings
  • Threat and event reporting
  • Notifications
  • File encryption key recovery

Enhanced Security Capabilities

  • Enterprise Digital Rights Management
  • Enterprise auth factors
  • Integration with NGAV and EDR
  • Advanced risk-based threat detection
  • RESTful APIs for SIEM integration

Need help getting secure?

Cigent can help with partners who can complete the swap and securely transfer data from your existing drive to a new Secure Drive.