Recon Sentinel™

The best data security solution for SOHO on the market

Recon Sentinel is designed for residential and SOHO networks.  Even if you have a robust firewall, Recon Sentinel plays a different role. It is designed specifically to track your internal network inventory, look for internal cyber reconnaissance behaviors, and provide a deceptive layer of defense for things that get past the firewall (and things always get past the firewall).

Recon Sentinel is not designed to replace any installed defensive layers – we offer a specific set of capabilities that most routers, firewalls and antivirus do not support, or are just too complex to setup properly. Our device is meant to be plug and play – plug it in, register on the website/app, enter your device ID and you are ready to go, and you can manage it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Recon Sentinel™ sits on your network, constantly looking for signs of intrusion or other cyber criminal activities.  It uses sophisticated deception technology to identify hacking activity on your network. Once detected, it takes action to disrupt the communications of the attacking device, breaking the ability of the cybercriminals to carry out their intentions, and protecting your data.

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