Cigent’s CSfC-certified solutions provide the most advanced security to protect your top-secret data while ensuring you meet even the most stringent compliance regulations.

Safeguarding your critical data at rest (DAR) with a trusted solution and maintaining compliance with new or existing mandates has never been more important. We know this because when it comes to protecting your data, we’re leading the way. For members of critical infrastructure organizations, military or government agencies, and intelligence communities, Cigent offers CSfC-certified cybersecurity solutions that not only meet the requirements of numerous government agencies but go well beyond the minimum required security measures to deliver the highest level of data security to protect your data at rest.

What is Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)?

Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) is a certification program initiated by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The CSfC program is the national security agency’s strategy that certifies specific commercial data protection and encrypted data storage products, offering users affordable access to leading-edge data security while ensuring they remain in compliance with strict compliance regulations. This approach has revolutionized the way classified data at rest is secured, enabling top-secret organizations to adopt new and cutting-edge technologies quickly for their classified national security systems to stay ahead of emerging threats and strengthen national security.

Why Cigent for CSfC?

In today’s digital world, customers trust us with the growing challenge of keeping their data secure with secure cybersecurity solutions that do just that. When it comes to a CSfC solution that is best for you, Cigent is not only leading the way with solutioning, their changing the commercial solutions space. Through our CSfC program, Cigent harnesses a proactive approach to protecting your data with invisible, zero-trust protection that even the most practiced enemies cannot breach.

We know that when it comes to CSfC program compliance, you have several options, but Cigent offers secure cybersecurity solutions that go far beyond the minimum government security requirements for the CSfC program because we know how critical your data is, we go above and beyond in our solutions so you can trust it’s protected. Cigent is partnered with DIGISTOR to offer CSfC capability packages that provide a compliance solution with additional security measures, highlighted below, that go far beyond just meeting the minimum National Security Agency compliance requirements.

Our Layered Approach Provides CSfC Compliance That Goes Beyond

Invisible Data

Data is unreadable at the sector level until accessed by the trusted user with MFA so that adversaries can’t steal or ransom what they can’t even see

Zero Trust File Access

Zero-trust file access controls using MFA protect files from attacks and block zero-day ransomware only allowing the trusted user to access files with MFA

Dual Layers of Encryption

Dual layer encryption that fulfills the NSA’s CSfC DAR (Data at Rest) Capabilities Package 5.0.

Threat Detection

Data protections that are automatically applied to risk-based files and partitions to detect attacks proactively

Pre-boot Authentication

The drive remains unreadable and unrecognized to attackers because users must authenticate before booting up their computers.

MFA for File Access

Prevent data theft of in-use data with zero-day malware, ransomware, and software bypass prevention.

Erasure Verification

Ensures every block has truly been wiped. Allows for drives to be sagely repurposed or retired while providing emergency data destruction confidence.

Keep Alive Heartbeat

Monitors the health of the EUD including existing EPPs and renders data invisible if link is broken.

Fully Customizable

Tailored sensors and features allow ease of use to meet mission objectives.

Enterprise Management Console

Allows group policy settings, reporting, recovery, and more.

Block Level Verified Data Destruction

Ensuring SSDs can be safely redeployed.

Remote Attacks to Bypass EDR and Steal Data


Data is exfiltrated

How Cigent differs: Data cannot be exfiltrated, protected from unauthorized users by zero trust file access.


EDR and endpoint security is disabled

How Cigent differs: If Cigent software is disabled, data is made invisible by keep-alive heartbeat in storage


Data is encrypted for ransom

How Cigent differs: Ransomware cannot encrypt files that are invisible and protected by zero trust file access.