Impossibly Secure

Securing data at the edge and wherever it goes.

Proudly funded by In-Q-Tel

Cigent® protects your most valuable asset – your data – with Cigent Secure SSDs™ that prevent compromise by attackers who gain remote or physical access to a device and zero trust access controls that protect individual files wherever they go. Funded by In-Q-Tel™ and founded by experts in storage, data forensics, and cyber security to develop a new standard in data protection.

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Why You Need Cigent

Our Product

Current protections will continue to be bypassed. To fully secure data, Cigent created the most secure SSDs with firmware level protection, zero trust file access, and secure file sharing.

Software as a Service
Protect any file on your PC, clouds, NAS, and wherever files go with file encryption, zero trust file access, and secure file sharing. Optionally, use an Opal SED to make files invisible protected by hacker-proof credentials.
Secure SSD Advanced
Storage firmware protection enabling invisible data, hacker-proof credentials, two drives in one, keep-alive heartbeat, verified data destruction, and secure access logs.
FIPS 140-2 Validated
Secure SSD Premium
The most secure storage available. Self-protecting SSD with hardware-based protection that automatically defends against ransomware, wipe, clone, and alt. O/S boot attacks, enables emergency automated wipe, and movement detection and response.
Software as a Service
Enterprise-wide data security and Cigent Secure SSD management enables customizable security controls and integration with existing security solutions.

Our Capabilities

What makes Cigent so effective?

  • Our protection begins in storage firmware.
  • We embrace zero trust at the file level.
  • We protect the data itself vs. the device or network.
  • We make data invisible.
  • Our credentials cannot be accessed.
  • Invisible Data
  • Zero Trust File Access
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Hacker-proof Credentials
  • File Encryption