When it comes to cybersecurity, only one thing matters. Your data.

Beat hackers at their own game.

In today's escalating cyberarms race, bad actors are co-opting the very technologies designed to thwart them. So how do you protect your company? Add a layer of cybersecurity to your network and endpoints that keeps your most valuable asset safe—your data. Cigent identifies a potential breach or attack, initiates countermeasures, and locks down critical data, ensuring attackers never reach it. Easy to deploy and manage, our cybersecurity solutions are built by an elite team, with backgrounds in NSA-level intelligence, ethical hacking, and data recovery.

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More and more confidential data, including IP, is being threatened and stolen every day.

Stop cyberattacks before they start.

Cigent for Networks »

Cigent for Networks™ monitors Internet-based traffic going into and out of your network. When threats are discovered, Cigent traps and blocks them in real time, preventing attacks before they happen.

Cigent D3 Engine »

Cigent multilevel sensors feed information into the Cigent D3 Engine™—powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, and user feedback—to deliver a new level of data protection.

Cigent Bare Metal »

Residing in SSD or HDD firmware, Cigent Bare Metal™ injects cybersecurity measures directly into the data stream. If a threat is detected, data is locked down, ensuring it cannot be commandeered, either in transit or at rest.

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When it comes to cybersecurity, only one thing matters.

Your data.