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Zero-Trust shouldn't stop when the user logs in.

Cybersecurity has failed—for 30+ years—to stop data theft. And ransomware attacks remain abundant. The Cigent® Zero-Trust approach to data defense stops ransomware and secures data at all times by placing protections as close to your data as possible.

Protect data everywhere:

At home

At work

At the endpoint

On the network

In the cloud

On the go

The risk is real. Be ready with Cigent.

In today’s advanced threat environment, individuals and organizations need to acknowledge that their cyber adversaries can reach their most sensitive data, and focus more of their time, money, and resources on solutions at the data layer itself. To detect advanced cyberthreats—and more importantly, block their ability to access your critical data—Cigent's advanced endpoint and network security solutions rely on cybersecurity best practices including:

  • Zero Trust

  • Multifactor Authentication

  • Threat Detection

  • Machine Learning

  • Hardware Encryption

  • Firmware-Based Security

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Extend Cisco Secure Endpoint Detection & Response to the data layer using Duo Security MFA

Feb 10, 2021
2:00 pm

Don't wait for when.

Let Cigent defend your data, even after a security breach.

Everywhere protection starts With D³E for Windows—the only data defense software with file-level Zero-Trust access.

The Cigent Dynamic Data Defense Engine® (D³E) protects data from every threat including data theft, ransomware, malicious insiders, and double encryption. It's the first and only data security solution that uses file-level Zero-Trust access controls, ensuring that only the trusted user(s) can access files, wherever they are. Protected files are automatically encrypted and protected by MFA in the cloud, data center, NAS, endpoint, external media, and even when emailed or shared with trusted users.

Defend your data with self-defending Secure SSDs—protection can’t get any closer.

Cigent’s self-defending internal and external Secure SSDs are the first and only storage devices that protect data with cybersecurity built into storage. They take a new approach by making entire sections of the drive completely invisible to adversaries, even if the adversary gets direct physical or remote access to the PC, or the user clicks on ransomware or malware. When paired with Cigent D³E™ software, a Cigent Secure SSD™ provides a layer of protection that's virtually impossible to bypass.

Protect your entire IT infrastructure with Blueshift XDR—affordable, managed security operations for organizations of any size.

Blueshift XDR™ is an affordable, highly automated SOC-as-a-Service platform that simplifies and extends security visibility and management across your entire organization. Blueshift XDR seamlessly engages with all devices, data, and systems across the network—cloud, IoT, endpoint, server, remote workers, ICS, OT, and more.  Move beyond siloed cybersecurity solutions, and outsource security operations to a team of highly trained cybersecurity professionals.

60% of companies will be hacked. Be ready.

Everywhere ProtectionSelf-Defending Storage

Cigent protects against:

  • Ransomware

  • Hacker Exploits

  • Fileless Malware

  • Phishing

  • Insider Threats

  • Lost or Stolen Devices

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