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There is a gaping hole in cyber security solutions today. Hackers, scammers, and cyber-criminals are gaining access to and stealing confidential data at an alarming rate. Compounding the crisis is the dramatic rise of insider threats and IP theft, combined with the broad proliferation of connected IoT devices.
Cigent provides straightforward, easy to deploy, and simple to manage solutions that rapidly identify a potential breach or attack, isolate the issue, take immediate preventative countermeasures, and LOCK DOWN THE DATA.


Brad Rowe

Chief Executive Officer

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SVP Strategic Development

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Chief Technology Officer

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VP Engineering

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SVP Sales and Marketing

What People Are Saying

Testimonials from expert first-looks.

I believe that Recon Sentinel is one of the very best products that I have ever used. It has blocked the daily attempts by this individual. As a beginner, I installed all three of my Dells with protections–and use RootKit and Rouge Killer. plus a couple of other programs.
You guys BEAT EVERTHING on the market and provide necessary protection for routers!!!
Have attempted to get my friends to purchase and use Recon Sentinel. A real bargain — especially in time and frustrations associated with scammers


Recon Sentinel Customer
After working with identity theft victims for more than 10 ​years,​ I know that preventing identity theft is impossible.  However, there are steps that you can take to greatly reduce your risk. One step is using cybersecurity technology like Recon Sentinel​ to help keep your data safe.

Carrie Kerskie

Identity Theft Expert, Griffon Force, LLC.

Cigent’s unique approach to security provides an impenetrable layer that monitors, protects, and controls all access to your most important asset, your data. No layered security approach is complete without a final protective layer that is solely designed to protect your information.

Tony Fessel

VP Engineering, Cigent Technology

“Cigent’s ability to defend and protect at the data layer is a game changer.”

Ron Gerber

CEO, Angelbeat

Let’s get the obvious and infeasible goal of  “Don’t get compromised” out of the way.


2018 Data Breach Investigations Report

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