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Cigent and DoQuBiz Partnership Sets New Standard for Protection of Highly Sensitive Documents and Digital Assets

July 19, 2021San Jose, CA
Cigent and DoQuBiz Partnership Sets New Standard for Protection of Highly Sensitive Documents and Digital Assets

Cigent® Technology, Inc., the leader in self-defending storage and Zero-Trust file access controls and DoQuBiz™, a global leader in de-centralized encryption and fractal storage announced a partnership to combine the companies’ solutions to deliver the industry’s premier ultra-secure enterprise security solution for the protection of sensitive documents and digital assets.

DoQuBiz’s patented fractal storage solutions protect digital data both at rest and in transit, and can be accessed only by authorized users using a proprietary reader. Digital files are decomposed into encrypted pieces and recorded on the block chain. These diversified procedures created non-logic obfuscation that defend against any threats, including brute-force attacks.

Cigent Secure SSD™ drives, originally developed for U.S. government and military use, are the world’s first commercially available cyber-secure SSDs. Cigent’s K2 and Denali Secure SSDs integrate multi-patented firmware-based cybersecurity features into the storage controller firmware. This firmware integration places active protection as close to the data as possible—inside the storage device and therefore beneath the software, BIOS, and the operating system layers. Cigent Secure SSDs detect and repel ransomware attacks, automatically encrypt and hide sensitive files when a threat is detected and include “safe rooms” that make data fully invisible to any attacker.

Pairing Cigent’s Self Defending Storage and Cigent D³E® Zero-Trust file access software with DoQuBiz’s fractal public cloud provides a combined cybersecurity solution with data encryption and data protection that is extremely difficult to bypass.

Under the terms of the partnership, Cigent has appointed DoQuBiz as Cigent’s exclusive enterprise Master Distribution Partner for Cigent’s Taiwanese customers, and non-exclusive partner for the ROW. “We are pleased to partner with DoQuBiz, who will provide localization, distribution, and support for Cigent’s Self-Defending Storage and Cigent D³E® Zero-Trust File Access Control solutions to enterprise customers in Taiwan and the Asian region” said Bradley Rowe, CEO of Cigent “The combination of DoQuBiz’s fractal technology with Cigent’s cybersecurity technology is truly impressive.”

"As the world’s first and only self-defending solid-state storage devices, the Cigent Secure SSD family is a true breakthrough in protecting data at rest and in transit," said Keng Lee, President and CEO of DoQuBiz Inc. "Combining Cigent’s pioneering development of software and firmware-based security solutions with DoQuBiz’s leading fractal system, ensures enterprises can trust that their data remains protected and under control at all times on the endpoint, in the cloud, or when shared with authorized users.”

"As the world’s first and only self-defending solid-state storage devices, the Cigent Secure SSD family is a true breakthrough in protecting data at rest and in transit."

Cigent’s K2 Secure SSD and D³E software are both available now from DoQuBiz. The Denali Secure SSD with added machine learning-based data protection will be available in the fall of 2021. Drives can be installed as primary internal Windows PC storage, as secondary internal storage (such as in a desktop tower), or as external USB-connected media.

About DoQuBiz

DoQuBiz is an innovative cybersecurity company founded by a team of international information security experts. DoQuBiz combined principles of Zero-Trust with disruptive innovation to create its fractal technology solution. Fractal protection is a low coupling and high cohesion concept. Every data piece is correlated and secured so that cyber threat actors can't bypass protections with a single decoding. Fractal protection provides multi-layered dependencies which can’t be decrypted using brute force. DoQuBiz’s fractal approach provides high-intensity protection for data at rest, in transit, and while being read by authorized users. For more information, please visit

About Cigent

Cigent is an In-Q-Tel-backed cybersecurity company founded by data recovery, storage, and cyber threat experts that protect businesses and individuals against any threat vector, even after a security breach. Cigent Data Defense solves more than three decades of failure by the cybersecurity industry to prevent ransomware, data theft, and insider theft by placing protection as close to the data as possible—inside the firmware of storage devices— and adds Zero Trust multi-factor authentication that protects data at the endpoint, on the network, in the cloud, or when shared with trusted users. Cigent Data Defense is comprised of Cigent’s D³E Windows-based software solution and Cigent’s self-defending Secure Solid-State Drives (SSDs). For more information, please visit

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