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Data on endpoints is vulnerable. Whether from sophisticated remote actors or direct physical attacks, current endpoint security is insufficient to ensure data cannot be compromised by persistent threat actors. Cigent’s patented technologies provide unparalleled endpoint data protection. Recognizing your mission may require unique requirements Cigent has significant experience developing custom solutions to meet your specific needs.


Developed and Vetted by the Best

Developed by the world’s leading experts in data exfiltration and recovery, with decades of operational experience, Cigent provides unparalleled technology and expertise protecting classified and sensitive data from all known threats under any operational scenario. Cigent's solution has been tested and vetted by dozens of experts across Federal and Commercial organizations.

Protection Against the Most Advanced Threat Vectors

Well-funded nation state actors who gain physical access to a device will easily compromise other protections. Advanced exfiltration techniques include reverse engineering, firmware tampering, quantum compute attacks, and utilizing electron microscopes to extract data from the chip. Cigent’s COTS solution is the only solution that ensures data is protected against these and all other techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs).

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Agent-proof Usability WIthout Compromising Protection

With decades of experience providing data security solutions to field personnel, Cigent recognizes security that undermines a user's ability to execute their mission is useless. Cigent solutions deliver unparalleled protections and deliver a simple user experience that is intuitive to even non-technical personnel.

Drive and Data Access and Usage Visibility

Go beyond simply protecting your data and know what has happened with your drive when it wasn’t in your presence. Whether you intentionally or unintentionally left it somewhere unattended (such as the “super secure” hotel room safe) or you gave your drive to a “friend”, know when your device has been moved, accessed, tampered with, attempted to be cloned / wiped / accessed or altered.

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Emergency Erasure Verified at the Individual Block Level

As confident as we are in our security, there is no greater assurance that your data is safe than simply ensuring it is no longer there at all. We implore a variety of approaches, often automated, to wipe your data when you need it gone in a hurry, and not before. And we verify that the data is truly completely gone using advanced, patented firmware based verification of every single block on the drive.

Storage Options for Every Device

From everyday PCs to external media to server storage, USB sticks and SD cards and Micro SD cards, and even embedded storage for any device, we have the storage to meet your unique mission requirements.

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Custom Development

With a team of experts knowledgeable in multiple coding languages developing scriptable, automated, and/or graphical user interface applications, we can develop a solution specific to your mission requirements], integrating with other applications or simply developing APIs for you to leverage from your own tools.

Not Just Data Security and Customized Capabilities, but a True Partnership

An extension to your team, we are people who get your needs and situations and will provide true accretive operational value above and beyond protecting your people and your data.

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See the Power of Cigent 

Cigent can help you achieve your mission with a comprehensive security solution developed explicitly to your requirements. Ready to get started?

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Protection for Sensitive Data

Whether existing drives or customer solutions, Cigent will enable you to securely execute your mission

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Unparalleled Technology

  • World’s foremost capabilities for advanced data security device sanitization
  • Developed by world’s leaders in advanced data recovery with decades of experience accessing data from all types of drives and systems
  • Multiple patents with hundreds of claims in endpoint data protection capabilities
  • Support diverse portfolio of platforms and devices
  • Ability to destroy data with absolute certainty
  • Protection without complexity. Easy and intuitive user experience.
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Expertise from a Known Operator

  • Leadership originated from Intelligence Community and Electronic Intelligence with decades of experience.
  • TS / SCI personnel with whom you can directly engage on location.
  • Extensive past performance, multiple deployed projects, and many more under development.
  • Experience and precedent achieving the nation’s highest standards of CSfC data-at-rest requirements.
  • Absolute discretion.
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Ease of Business

  • Flexibility and experience to deliver custom projects.
  • Multiple paths to purchase to simplify procurement.
  • If you can imagine it and it can be done, we can do it.
  • Once we become familiar with your mission, we’ll also do some of the imagining for you.


Cigent technology has achieved various NIST, NIAP, and NSA certifications, is in use with US federal agencies, and is funded by In-Q-Tel.

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Layers of Integrated Protections Ensures Data Integrity

Cigent is able to meet your mission needs due to its extensive patented capabilities. These capabilities provide the foundation to meet your most exacting mission requirements. Capabilities include:
Hidden Drives

Hidden Drives

Data is unreadable at the sector level even after logging on until unlocked with step-up authentication. Hidden, encrypted partitions for the most sensitive content
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Inaccessible Keys

Inaccessible Keys

Unique methodology and technology for the creation and storage of key renders all known compromises methodology obsolete.
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Verified Data Erasure

Verified Emergency Data Erasure

Full block level wiped with erasure verification. Validate emergency data destruction. NSA endorsed approach for drives to be safely repurposed or recycled.
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Cloning, Wiping, and Alt-OS Boot Prevention

One of the most common TTPs in stealing your data when you don’t have your device with you is to simply clone the drive or boot your system from an external device and extract data. And adversaries may go further and wipe your drive for you. All of these are prevented by patented, readily available features built into your drive’s firmware that cannot be bypassed by a malicious actor.
Data destruction

Malicious Data Access Logs

Developed in the wake of insider threat actors including Snowden, know exactly what data has been accessed (or not accessed) on your device when you didn’t have it with you and you suspect malicious access and usage of your drive. Down to the individual file name, data/time, and how many times your data was accessed.

Movement Detection

A single solution, integrated layers of data protections deliver the most comprehensive and effective data protection available.

Cigent's endpoint security solution has provided unparalleled protection for our data, even in the face of sophisticated attacks.

Cigent's endpoint security solution has provided unparalleled protection for our data, even in the face of sophisticated attacks.

Cigent's endpoint security solution has provided unparalleled protection for our data, even in the face of sophisticated attacks.