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Cigent Protects the Data Itself

Portfolio of capabilities to stop threats, achieve compliance mandates, and ensure data remains protected regardless of the threat.

Federal Civilian Solutions

Federal Civilian Solutions

Protect data from ransomware and data tampering or exfiltration from remote or physical adversaries.
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CSfC, Common Criteria, and FIPS Certified Solutions

Portfolio of CSfC and FIPS approved drives easily accessible from OEM partners to meet compliance requirements.
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Advanced Threat Protection Solutions

Advanced Threat Protection Solutions

Capable of defeating the most-advanced persistent attacks, drives and custom solutions for high-risk requirements.
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See the Power of Cigent AI
Protected Storage

Discover unparalleled data security with Cigent's AI Protected Storage, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of federal government operations. Our advanced threat protection leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to proactively defend against sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring your sensitive information remains uncompromised. Book a demo today to experience the next level of data protection and safeguard your agency's critical assets with confidence.

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Cigent technology has achieved various NIST, NIAP, and NSA certifications, is in use with US federal agencies.

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Protects Sensitive Data from All Threats


Meet Compliance Requirements

Cigent solutions allow you to meet numerous compliance requirements including CSfC DAR, FIPS 140-2 Levels 1 and 2, NIAP Common Criteria, NIST 800-171, HIPAA, and CMMC.

Data at rest

Protect Data-at-rest

Cigent provides multiple offerings to secure data-at-rest. This includes Full Drive Encryption (FDE) management of BitLocker or Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs). For more demanding security requirements, Cigent offers drives that provide the most advanced protection available. 

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Stop Remote Attacks

Cigent’s layered security protects endpoint data from malicious encryption, exfiltration, or tampering. Protection is enforced at the individual file level preventing access even when the device has been successfully compromised.  


Permanently Delete Data

Cigent secure data logs tracks and reports all data activities. Prevent insiders or external attackers from “covering their tracks.” Know if a presumably trusted asset is using the device as intended, or otherwise. Reports can be used for incident response, non-repudiation, and litigation.


Transformative Endpoint Data Protection

Protect Data At-Rest, In-Motion, and In-Use

Cigent Endpoint Data Protection Platform provides a single solution that transforms endpoint security by PROTECTING the data itself.

Layers of integrated security capabilities provide unparallel endpoint data PROTECTION. Capabilities scale from Full Disk Encryption and BitLocker Management to AI protected drives and inaccessible encryption keys.

PROTECTION is delivered without the need for constant monitoring and response with “set and forget” experience.

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Layers of Integrated Protections Ensures Data Integrity

A single solution, integrated layers of data protections deliver the most comprehensive and effective data protection available.

Full Drive Encryption Manager

Full Drive Encryption

FDE solutions including BitLocker manager and SED management including pre-boot-authentication (PBA) for CSfC approved data at rest.
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Zero-trust Access Control

Zero-trust Access Control

Trust, but verified, policy-driven access control with step-up authentication – protects files from unauthorized access.
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Hidden Drives

Hidden Drives

Data is unreadable at the sector level even after logging on until unlocked with MFA. Hidden, encrypted partitions provide additional protection for most sensitive content.
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AI Threat Response

AI Protection

AI embedded within drives themselves monitors data activity for ransomware and other malicious behavior and automatically protects data from within the storage itself when threats are detected. No O/S level detection or response required.
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Inaccessible Keys

Inaccessible Keys

Unique methodology and technology for the creation and storage of key renders all known comprise methodology obsolete.
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Secure Logs

Secure Logs

Creates an immutable log of data activity that cannot be altered, amended, or deleted.
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Verified Data Erasure

Verified Data Erasure

Patented solution, endorsed by NSA, that verifies data has been permanently erased. Utilized for emergency data erasure and allows for drives to be safely repurposed or retired.
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Designed by World Leaders in Data Exfiltration and Recovery

Cigent originated from the world’s leading endpoint data exfiltration minds. 

Cigent co-founder, John Benkert, spent 20 years in USAF Intelligence and seven in the NSA where he received the National Scientific Achievement Award for technological innovations in data security. He is also the owner of CPR Tools, leading experts in data recovery, forensics, and destruction.

Recognizing the vulnerabilities in data security solutions including FDE and SEDs, Benkert set out to design a more secure approach to data protection - one that could not be defeated no matter the situation or adversary. He formed a team of experts in storage, data forensics, and cyber security.

Securing funding from In-Q-Tel, the Cigent team has achieved Benkert’s vision of developing the most secure data security solution available.

Unlike traditional methods, Cigent’s patented erase verification proved superior to simple crypto erase, aiming for NSA approval. This unique capability allowed the Navy to repurpose drives confidently, knowing that sensitive data had been securely erased.

- DIGISTOR for US Navy

We couldn’t be more excited about our exclusive partnership with Cigent to equip selected Phison products with the most secure storage solution on the market

- Sebastien Jean, CTO, Phison

We’re thrilled to be working with Cigent and Carahsoft to provide our Public Sector clients with a top-tier storage solution that boasts Government-accredited security certifications. This partnership along with our new offering is another stepping stone in Seagate’s continued support of our Public Sector clients.

- Mike Moritzkat, Managing Director of Seagate Government Solutions

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