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Instant Protection with Unique AI Data Monitoring

AI Threats

Cigent AI Threat Protection continually monitors data, evaluating access patterns. This approach, of directly monitoring the data is unlike AI protection utilized by EDR solutions, specifically evaluating data interaction. Upon detection of malicious activities, Cigent automatically secures sensitive data by rendering encrypted files and partitions inaccessible to unauthorized users.

  • AI monitors data access patterns and instantly protects
  • AI is embedded within storage - preventing sophisticated actors for compromising AI
  • With data protected, users remain productive during threats, no need to isolate or disconnect

AI Protection for Your Data

Protects Data

AI for the Data

Cigent is unique in monitoring data access patterns that are specific to storage recording every read and write on the storage drive. Regardless of the threat vector, adversaries will expose malicious intent resulting in immediate locking-down of partitions and files.


Embedded within Storage

Cigent AI is embedded within the storage making it impervious to tampering, Unlike other device AI protections adversaries will expose intent if they seek to compromise protection.

Unlike traditional methods, Cigent’s patented erase verification proved superior to simple crypto erase, aiming for NSA approval. This unique capability allowed the Navy to repurpose drives confidently, knowing that sensitive data had been securely erased.

- DIGISTOR for US Navy

We couldn’t be more excited about our exclusive partnership with Cigent to equip selected Phison products with the most secure storage solution on the market.

- Sebastien Jean, CTO, Phison

We’re thrilled to be working with Cigent and Carahsoft to provide our Public Sector clients with a top-tier storage solution that boasts Government-accredited security certifications. This partnership along with our new offering is another stepping stone in Seagate’s continued support of our Public Sector clients.

- Mike Moritzkat, Managing Director of Seagate Government Solutions


Find answers to common questions and concerns about our products, implementation, and support.

What is AI Threat Protection?

AI Threat Protection is a sophisticated security technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to identify, analyze, and neutralize potential cyber threats in real time. This proactive approach leverages machine learning algorithms to understand and adapt to evolving security threats, ensuring that your data remains protected against the latest malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

How does AI Threat Protection enhance data security?

AI Threat Protection enhances data security by continuously monitoring for unusual activities and patterns that could indicate a security breach. It automatically updates its threat detection capabilities based on new data, allowing it to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Additionally, it reduces false positives and helps security teams to focus on genuine threats, improving overall security response times.

Can AI Threat Protection be integrated with existing security systems?

Yes, AI Threat Protection is designed to be compatible with a wide range of existing security systems and software. It can seamlessly integrate with your current security infrastructure, enhancing your defenses without requiring significant changes to your existing setups. Our team can assist with integration and ensure that AI capabilities complement your current security measures.

What types of threats can AI Threat Protection detect?

AI Threat Protection is capable of detecting a variety of cyber threats, including but not limited to, advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero-day exploits, ransomware, phishing attempts, and insider threats. It uses behavioral analysis to spot anomalies that could indicate a breach, offering a comprehensive defense mechanism against diverse cyber threats.

Is AI Threat Protection suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Absolutely. AI Threat Protection is scalable and can be tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes—from small startups to large enterprises. Regardless of your company’s size or the volume of data you need to protect, AI Threat Protection can provide the necessary defenses to ensure your data’s security.