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Protecting the Endpoint

Cigent is not EDR or back-up recovery. It is not detect and respond. It is PROTECTION of endpoint data from all known
threats – including ransomware.

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PROTECT the Data

Cigent provides an integrated layered solution that stops adversaries from compromising data even when a device is compromised. Protection from remote or physical attacks.

A single Endpoint Data Protect Platform that provides comprehensive endpoint PROTECTION.

Prevent Ransomware & All Other Attacks

Stops Ransomware and All Other Endpoint Attacks

Hidden drives and AI monitoring provide irrefutable PROTECTION of the data itself – even the device has been compromised.  Zero-trust access controls limit exposure.
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End User Data Loss and Leakage

Prevents Data Loss And Data Leakage

Policy based zero-trust endpoint access control enabled by AI monitoring limit exposure without compromising user productivity. Full device encryption protects data when devices go loss or missing.

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Advanced and Persistent Threat Protection

Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

Cigent was developed by world’s leading experts in data exfiltration.  Layered defense including hidden drives, inaccessible-keys, and AI tampering detection can PROTECT data from any known exfiltration approach.

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Address Compliance Mandates

Meeting Compliance Mandates

Modern, cloud console provides simple end-to-end approach to successfully deliver FDE and meet and report upon compliance mandates. Cigent solutions can enable customers to meet FIPS, NIAP, and NSA CSfC DAR certifications.

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Protecting endpoints continues to be one of the greatest cybersecurity challenges.

Endpoints are a challenge due to their sheer numbers, that they are under constant attack, are susceptible to physical loss, and most challenging of all, are used by end users.  

  • Ransomware and endpoint attacks:  Detect and respond is insufficient to prevent data compromise.  Malicious actors’ innovation, accelerated by AI adoption, continues to circumvent current endpoint security. 

  • Data loss and leakage:  Whether through malicious actors or error endpoint data continues to exfiltrate. Approaches to address have adverse impact on user experience and require significant IT oversight.
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What is the answer to protecting end point data:  Cigent.

Significant investments have been made.  Numerous “solutions” already reside on the endpoint, yet all of these challenges remain unsolved and highly inefficient.  
  • Advanced persistent threats:  Sophisticated and persistent attacks – especially those with physical access- will ultimately be successful vs current solutions.  A variety of attacks can circumvent FDE, SEDs, and other common protections. 
  • Compliance requirements:  Deploying, managing, and reporting endpoint compliance whether for regulatory or insurance requirement is ubiquitous.  Limited options to effectively and efficiently meet mandates including Full Disk Encryption and Bitlocker.
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Unlike traditional methods, Cigent’s patented erase verification proved superior to simple crypto erase, aiming for NSA approval. This unique capability allowed the Navy to repurpose drives confidently, knowing that sensitive data had been securely erased.

- DIGISTOR for US Navy

We couldn’t be more excited about our exclusive partnership with Cigent to equip selected Phison products with the most secure storage solution on the market.

- Sebastien Jean, CTO, Phison

We’re thrilled to be working with Cigent and Carahsoft to provide our Public Sector clients with a top-tier storage solution that boasts Government-accredited security certifications. This partnership along with our new offering is another stepping stone in Seagate’s continued support of our Public Sector clients.

- Mike Moritzkat, Managing Director of Seagate Government Solutions