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Full Drive Encryption

Protect your data at rest. Meet compliance requirements.

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Effectively, efficiently protect data-at-rest

Full Drive Encryption management solutions for BitLocker and SEDs.

Cigent Full Drive Encryption efficiently provides deployment, management, and reporting.

  • Protect At-Rest Data
    Protects data when device goes missing using software encryption (BitLocker) or hardware with self encrypting drives (SEDs).  Efficiently document data was protected to meet compliance requirements.
  • Meet Compliance Requirements
    Provide real-time visibility into the endpoint security posture. Optimized workflows to set, monitor and document status to efficiently complete audits. Meets data at rest compliance requirements for FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, HIPPA, and others.
  • Modern Management
    Cloud console designed to streamline deployment, management, reporting, and trouble-shooting.  Single management console can support BitLocker and SEDs.

Comprehensive Capabilities to Protect and Report



Collects detailed information on each device, including metrics such as device details, protection status, encryption method, and more

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Key Protectors

Additional Key Protectors

Supports multiple key protectors to ensure encryption keys are securely locked, with recovery options readily available

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Encryption Status

Encryption Status and Troubleshooting

Provides real-time encryption and decryption statuses, facilitating swift troubleshooting and management



Ensures devices are recoverable using key protectors, enabling user access with a recovery key if necessary

Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Active Directory, allowing for the import and export of crucial endpoint and user information

Audit and Compliance

Audit and Compliance

Offers comprehensive, customizable reporting for all FDE & BitLocker-related activities, ensuring compliance and facilitating audits with detailed historical reports

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Unlike traditional methods, Cigent’s patented erase verification proved superior to simple crypto erase, aiming for NSA approval. This unique capability allowed the Navy to repurpose drives confidently, knowing that sensitive data had been securely erased.

- DIGISTOR for US Navy

We couldn’t be more excited about our exclusive partnership with Cigent to equip selected Phison products with the most secure storage solution on the market.

- Sebastien Jean, CTO, Phison

We’re thrilled to be working with Cigent and Carahsoft to provide our Public Sector clients with a top-tier storage solution that boasts Government-accredited security certifications. This partnership along with our new offering is another stepping stone in Seagate’s continued support of our Public Sector clients.

- Mike Moritzkat, Managing Director of Seagate Government Solutions


Find answers to common questions and concerns about our products, implementation, and support.

What is Full Drive Encryption (FDE)?

Full Drive Encryption (FDE) is a security process that automatically converts the data on a hard drive into a form that cannot be understood by anyone who does not have the key to "undo" the conversion. This includes all the data, programs, and operating systems. Without the proper authentication key, even if the hard disk is stolen or compromised, the data remains inaccessible and secure.

How does Cigent’s Full Drive Encryption enhance data security?

Cigent’s Full Drive Encryption utilizes advanced encryption algorithms to protect all data stored on the disk. Our FDE solution is uniquely designed to integrate seamlessly with existing security systems, providing an additional layer of security that ensures data is protected from unauthorized access, even if your system is compromised or stolen. It offers robust pre-boot authentication, which requires users to verify their identity before the system boots up.

What types of authentication methods can be used with Cigent’s Full Drive Encryption?

Cigent’s Full Drive Encryption supports multiple forms of authentication methods to meet various security needs and preferences. These include traditional password entry, biometric verification such as fingerprint scanning, and security tokens or smart cards. Users can choose one or combine several methods for enhanced security through multi-factor authentication.

Can Full Drive Encryption affect the performance of my device?

The impact of Full Drive Encryption on system performance is minimal. Cigent’s FDE solutions are designed to operate efficiently in the background with little to no perceptible effect on the speed or responsiveness of your device. Encryption occurs in real-time and decryption happens seamlessly as you access your files, ensuring secure yet fluid access to your data.

What happens if I forget my password or lose my authentication token for Full Drive Encryption?

Losing access to your authentication method can be problematic, but Cigent provides a robust recovery process to regain access to your encrypted drive. This process typically involves multiple identity verification steps to ensure the security of your data. We recommend setting up a recovery mechanism, such as backup authentication credentials or recovery keys, which should be stored securely and separate from your device.