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3 Types of Businesses in Most Need of Data Security

It has gotten easier these days for businesses to take advantage of modern cybersecurity measures. This is a notion we touched on while identifying some of the specific ways small businesses can protect customer data, and it’s a very positive development. By investing in technology, educating employees on security practices, and enforcing cybersecurity methods, businesses of all sizes today can ensure they’re doing all they can to make sure they don’t experience attacks or breaches that put data at risk.

At the same time though, there are some types of businesses for which data security is of particular importance. These businesses need to go above and beyond where the aforementioned security measures and safeguards are concerned. The following are some that come to mind in this respect.

1. Healthcare Businesses

We don’t necessarily think of healthcare as an industry in which new businesses are emerging with fresh concerns. Rather, we tend to boil the industry down to massive, established companies with the resources to piece together robust data security. However, with the rise of telemedicine of late, we are in fact seeing more healthcare startups taking root. Indeed, investment in telehealth startups has been significant of late, resulting in the rise of countless new companies with viable paths to major success and widespread influence. And for these companies, an emphasis on data security will be of paramount importance. Clients (essentially patients in this case) entrust a great deal of personal information to healthcare businesses, which in turn need to guarantee as best they can that that information is protected.

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