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Cigent Solution: Quantum Attack Protection

Some believe nation states are actively collecting as much encrypted data as possible and storing it for a day in the near future where they can use quantum computing to break encryption keys and access the data. To combat this imminent danger, Cigent has developed a comprehensive data security solution that protects data from falling into the wrong hands with layers of security.


  1. Cigent first prevents data access by storing data in secure partitions that can only be accessed by trusted users with their MFA and Cigent software. Those partitions are unreadable at the sector level even if an adversary gets direct physical or remote access and logs into the operating system and uses tools like WinHex to try to look at the data.

  2. Cigent also prevents access to data, once the trusted user has logged on to the system and unlocked the secure partition, using MFA for File Access that prevents adversaries remotely on the PC from extracting files.

  3. For adversaries who get direct physical access to the PC or storage with data on it, Cigent has embedded AI in its Cigent Secure SSD Plus that monitors for attempts to clone the drive and automatically prevents the cloning attempt.

  4. At the end of the day, the best way to prevent data access in a situation where an adversary gets direct access to a PC or storage, is to simply make sure there is no data on the drive at all for the adversary to take.
    1. Cigent can enable this by automating an emergency erasure (on Cigent Secure SSD Premium) in situations such as when the drive has been removed from the PC or external case.

    2. Cigent further ensures the data is completely gone from the drive with block-level erasure verification for emergency and non-emergency drive wipes.

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