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Today, data security has become even more critical due to the increasing prevalence of digital data and its ubiquitous use in almost every aspect of our lives. Data has become an increasingly valuable asset.

Therefore, it also needs to be protected from those who could potentially misuse it. With technology advancing rapidly, malicious actors continually develop new ways to exploit data, which can have serious ramifications if not adequately protected. That's why organizations must invest in robust data security solutions to ensure they remain secure and compliant.

Data security is essential for protecting organizations, customers, and users from cyber threats, data breaches, and malicious actors looking to exploit sensitive information. Even national governments aren't exempt from cyber warfare—in 2018, it was estimated that the US government faced estimated costs of over $13.7 billion due to cybercrime attacks. Data security has become an essential part of any organization's operations.

To stay ahead of the curve and avoid costly mistakes in the future, organizations are required to develop and update their security protocols continually. Being meticulous about good data security helps to reduce the risk of financial and reputational losses due to malicious breaches.

Cigent's Secure SSD software—primarily meant for governments, critical infrastructure, and other high-security enterprises—is a powerful tool that both protects data and meets government-certified Data At Rest (DAR) compliance requirements.

This software can protect data on any operating system with full disk encryption. Other key features include multi-factor authentication (MFA), verified full drive erasure, real-time threat detection and response, and secure logs that capture all insider threat activity. Our state-of-the-art data security software provides you with the assurance that your data is secure and safeguarded.

With cybercriminals continuously devising innovative attacks to breach your most confidential data, it's essential to begin your path toward data security sooner rather than later. With our revolutionary approach to data protection and defense, you can rest easier at night knowing that your data is locked down tight, safely out of arm's reach from potentially malicious actors.


data encryption secure ssd

Key Benefits

  • With data security becoming increasingly important in today's society, organizations must protect their data by making it invisible. Our invisible data feature can efficiently secure your confidential information by rendering it completely inaccessible to potential adversaries, even if they can access your device.

  • We also advocate protecting your data wherever it goes, regardless of its file type. Our innovative system can even protect files shared outside the organization through an authorized user list, adding an extra layer of defense.

  • Multi-factor authentications, or MFAs, are crucial in enhancing security because of the extra steps they use to verify an authorized user. We will take a close look at the flexible functionalities of our MFA feature, which targets zero-day ransomware, malware, and other hacking services.

  • Our automated threat response service provides an extra safeguard for organizations to detect and react to cyber threats in real time, far faster than they do manually. Our service can also automatically render your confidential data invisible in the case of any attackers attempting to disable Cigent software.

  • Since storage devices also have a lifespan, we've created our comprehensive verified device erasure solution to allow you to safely and responsibly repurpose and retire your drives when the time comes. Our software ensures that every block of data has been truly wiped from the device, helping to eliminate any risks or potential threats.

  • Sometimes, the major threats aren't external, but within the organization itself. With that in mind, it's become increasingly important for organizations to adopt an immutable insider detection system like the one we offer to respond to insider threats. Our comprehensive threat logs and unique USB tracking capability will mean that your confidential information is protected at all costs—from both inside and external threats.


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Make Your Data Invisible

As our world becomes increasingly digital, it's also become more important to render certain data invisible so organizations can protect sensitive information against potential adversaries. Making your data invisible can safeguard sensitive information, protect intellectual property and increase the security of your systems.

For example, organizations can use this technique to keep customer data safe while still allowing access to necessary personnel or departments. Invisible data can also prevent malicious actors from accessing valuable company information such as trade secrets, confidential documents, and financial records. For example, when using file mirroring software, it is essential to ensure that the SSD is secure to prevent any unauthorized access to the data being mirrored.

Our innovative data defense software provides you with an unparalleled level of security. Through the use of a non-recoverable key, we create an unreadable storage partition to make your data completely invisible and inaccessible at the sector level to potential adversaries, even if they were able to gain access to your computer. Effectively, this prevents both physical and remote attacks from any malicious actors.

Even after logging on, your data remains invisible until you unlock it with MFA and Cigent's Secure SSD software. Therefore, only the authorized user base can access your confidential information, locking out any unwarranted personnel.

Ultimately, invisible data can help organizations avoid potential legal issues that arise from sharing personal information with third parties by making it virtually undetectable. It can allow organizations to control what information is seen by others and protect their digital identity against cyber threats in an increasingly connected world. For anybody striving to protect their sensitive data, our Secure SSD software can offer you extra peace of mind that your most critical documents are always safe with us.

Multiple SSD Devices

Protect Data Wherever it Goes

It goes without saying that data protection is important for a variety of reasons, the main one being to prevent your confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. You need to be able to complete file transfers without compromising sensitive data. Not only can data protection efforts help businesses avoid the staggering costs that come from data breaches, but they also avoid the fines or sanctions associated with mishandling customer data.

No matter where your data goes, our Secure SSD software always comes with it by offering encryption and seamless file access controls for any file type. Office documents, Adobe files, CAD drawings, and other images and applications are just some of the file types our software can protect from falling into the wrong hands.

Here’s an example:

When connecting an iPad to an SSD via a USB-C port, the data stored on the SSD must be encrypted to protect it from potential theft or hacking. This means that the SSD must have strong encryption protocols in place to ensure that the data is secure during transfer. The iPad itself must also have robust security features to protect the data during the transfer process. Overall, a secure SSD is essential for maintaining the privacy and security of sensitive data when transferring files to and from an iPad via USB-C cable. The same goes for any device with a USB port.

Our data defense software can even protect files shared outside the organization through a trusted user list. Authorized users can be added to this list in order to receive access to a specific file. This adds an extra layer of protection against potential data breaches if the file were to ever accidentally or intentionally be distributed beyond the legitimate parties.

In addition to protecting customers’ information from misuse or fraud, organizations that ensure data protection can demonstrate their commitment to ethical practices. With our secure data defense software, you can rest assured that your most confidential information is safely locked away from prying eyes, strengthening your organization's reputation for data privacy.

Non-Recoverable Keys

Non-recoverable keys are significant in data protection for their ability to strengthen encryption by preventing unauthorized users from being able to access or decrypt the data, even if they have the encryption key. This adds an additional layer of security that ensures that no one can gain access to your confidential information without permission, safeguarding against accidental or intentional exposure to potential cybercriminals.

Non-recoverable keys can be beneficial when encrypted data needs extra protection from unauthorized access and where it is not possible or practical to store a recovery key. For instance, use cases include secure messaging systems, medical records, financial or legal documents, and other confidential information. These types of keys can also be used in applications that require added security measures, such as authentication systems or digital rights management (DRM).

Our Secure SSD software offers a novel approach to the creation and storage of keys by preventing all known key recovery techniques that could be cryptographically derived from a password supplied by the user. These keys are never stored in their final form, and it's suggested that users create one that takes up the maximum length the drive allows.

Our non-recoverable keys feature is an excellent choice for anyone who would like extra protection against potential cyber threats. The novel approach to data security that we use ensures that your confidential data is always protected to the utmost degree.

Enhance Security with MFA

Another feature offered by our SSD software to keep your data secure is multi-factor authentication, or MFA. Multi-factor authentication provides enhanced security by using additional layers of authentication to verify a user's identity, ensuring that the user attempting to log into an account is authorized. This decreases the chance of unauthorized access, making it nearly impossible for hackers or malicious users to gain access to sensitive information.

Common MFA use cases include secure banking, online shopping, and webmail applications as well as other systems where sensitive data needs additional protection. MFA can also be used to protect an organization's networks and resources from unauthorized access by allowing employees to securely log into the system using their credentials along with a one-time code sent via an SMS message or generated by an app.

Our MFA software is specifically targeted to prevent zero-day ransomware, malware, and other hacking services from bypassing the system. Our software can consistently beat data thieves from accessing data that's already in use.

On top of its ability to safeguard your data, our MFA software also has flexible options depending on your use case and convenience. A specific file can either be configured to require MFA all the time or only when a threat has been detected.

By adding multiple steps to your authentication process, you can significantly reduce the chance of someone gaining unauthorized access to an account and protect against malicious users who may have guessed or stolen a user's login credentials. In the end, you can protect your sensitive data against cyber threats and other types of fraud by ensuring that only authorized users have access to confidential information through our MFA feature.

Automated Threat Response

Even with the most diligent of teams, an automated threat response is still a valuable security resource because it allows organizations to detect and react to cyber threats quickly and efficiently. Automated threat response allows organizations to detect attacks in real time and quickly take action, minimizing the damage caused by cyberattacks.

By leveraging technological tools, automation can take over and respond to detected threats much faster than manual processes. Automated threat responses are often more effective than relying on manual procedures, eliminating the need for costly labor resources. Ultimately, they provide an advanced level of security for organizations by enabling them to utilize modern technologies that ensure they stay ahead of potential threats.

Use cases for automated threat response include the monitoring of networks for malicious activity, containment of malicious files or code before it can cause damage, and automated blocking of suspicious IP addresses. Automated threat response can also be used to protect against worms, viruses, and phishing attempts by providing an early warning when suspicious activity is detected.

Our Secure SSD software is equipped with a robust automated threat response feature to safeguard against any potential adversaries who aim to disable endpoint security software. If any attackers attempt to or successfully disable Cigent software, our automated threat response automatically renders the data invisible, therefore limiting access to your information.

In the case of any Cigent service not running properly, our software also automatically makes any encrypted files and partitions completely inaccessible.

An automated threat response can be an amazing additional barrier of defense for your sensitive data. When implemented correctly, it can be a great tool to protect files against advanced remote data theft and ransomware attacks—all to help you sleep even more soundly at night.


Verified Device Erasure

Everything has a lifespan, and hard drives are no exception. When the time comes to repurpose or retire those old storage drives, that's where verified data erasure can come in handy.

Verified data erasure is a critical data sanitization and security measure because it helps ensure that all data that has been deleted is entirely unrecoverable. Unverified data erasure leaves a risk of residual data, which malicious actors could exploit. By using a verified method to erase data, you can ensure that any sensitive or confidential information stored on their systems is completely eradicated.

Verified data erasure also ensures that the erased data cannot be recovered in any way, providing an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. Additionally, it can minimize potential legal liability issues associated with retaining unwanted personal information or sensitive records.

Our Secure SSD software offers a verified device erasure feature to ensure that every block of data has truly been wiped before storage drives are safely retired, providing an additional layer of emergency data destruction confidence. On top of that, our verified data erasure system not only saves you money in your budget but also provides a greener option for storage drive disposal.

Our verified device erasure feature safeguards against accidental losses or deliberate theft of valuable data by ensuring that erased information remains unrecoverable. Ultimately, verified data erasure helps to protect the integrity and security of an organization’s digital assets and ensures compliance with applicable regulations.

Immutable Insider Detection

Over the past two years, insider threat incidents have risen 44%, while costs per incident have also risen by more than a third to $15.38 million, according to research from the Ponemon Institute. That's why in this day and age, organizations need to adopt a robust immutable insider detection system to respond to insider threats.

Immutable insider detection is a cybersecurity tool used to detect and block malicious insiders from accessing and manipulating sensitive data within an organization.

This type of detection can be used to identify suspicious user activity, such as excessive downloads of documents or files, the installation of malicious software, or even attempts to access restricted areas of a network. By applying immutable insider detection measures, businesses can protect their networks from potential insider threats and unauthorized access attempts. This type of detection can help companies reduce the risk of a data breach by identifying suspicious activity early on and preventing it from escalating further.

Immutable insider detection is another feature offered by our Secure SSD software. Our system captures all insider threat activity through secure data access logs, enabling more effective detection, investigation, and response to insider threats.

What's more, our immutable insider detection system is unique in that it's the only solution that continues to track data theft when insiders boot off a USB stick. Essentially, this prevents both insiders and external attackers from covering their tracks following an incident. Afterwards, you can even use our immutable insider detection system for incident response, non-repudiation, and litigation.

Our immutable insider detection feature provides an all-encompassing safeguard to defend organizations and sensitive information against insider threats from malicious or careless employees, vendors, and contractors who may have access to confidential information. With its unique tracking feature and secure threat logs, it's a critical tool for any organization looking for an extra barrier of protection against internal security breaches.

Data Protection is No Joke, But Cigent is Here to Help

Data protection is critically important in today's digital age, where data can be easily accessed, manipulated or stolen, and the consequences of a cyberattack can be severe and far-reaching.

Cyberattacks can lead to data theft, disruption of services, financial losses, reputational damage, and greater regulatory scrutiny. A successful attack could also expose confidential information, resulting in legal action or fines for failing to protect sensitive data. Some attacks may even cause physical damage due to malicious code being inserted into critical systems.

With that in mind, it's more imperative than ever for organizations to take the right steps toward protecting sensitive information from following into the wrong hands by implementing data defense software. Data defense software provides an extra layer of security by monitoring user access and data usage and encrypting data so it can’t be read unless authorized. Data defense software can detect and block malicious activity such as unauthorized access attempts, malicious downloads, and more.

Implementing our Secure SSD software is the first step you can take toward protecting your confidential information from being accessed by malicious actors. Our software has the full capability to protect your data, while also meeting government-certified DAR compliance requirements. Our cutting-edge MFA feature provides an extra barrier of protection for your most confidential information, while our all-encompassing automated threat response capabilities ensure that any threats are dealt with vigorously in real time.

By entrusting your retirement-ready drives to our verified device erasure feature, you can rest assured that your data has been safely and responsibly wiped. With cyberattacks increasing in frequency and severity, our Secure SSD software can help your organization defend its confidential information and ultimately bolster its overall data protection practices.

Ready to Take Your SSD Defense and Encryption Capabilities to the Next Level?

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