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Cigent Announces Strategic Partnership with Swissbit to Deliver Unparalleled Endpoint Data Security

We're thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Swissbit, a leading manufacturer of storage, security, and embedded IoT solutions! This collaboration strengthens our commitment to providing industry-leading endpoint data protection.

The Growing Need for Endpoint Data Security

In today's digital landscape, a staggering 73% of endpoint devices contain critical information. These devices remain vulnerable to cyberattacks, both physical and remote. Traditional data protection methods are failing to keep pace, with 70% of data loss incidents originating from compromised endpoints. The rise of AI-powered attacks necessitates a shift towards "immutable" data protection, going beyond just "detect and respond" strategies.

Cigent & Swissbit: A Powerful Combination

This partnership brings together Cigent's expertise in endpoint data protection with Swissbit's proven track record in secure storage solutions. The result: a comprehensive portfolio of secure storage drives designed to safeguard data from any threat, even on compromised devices.

Unmatched Security, Simplified Management

Our upcoming secure storage drives will provide unparalleled protection without compromising user experience. Key features and benefits include:

  • Zero-trust data access: Enforces strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) for verified access control.
  • Hidden drives: Data remains unreadable until unlocked with MFA, even after a user logs on.
  • Pre-boot authentication (PBA): Utilizes Swissbit's FIDO token for advanced protection against physical attacks.
  • Verified data erasure: Guarantees permanent data deletion for safe device repurposing and verifiable emergency wipe functionality.

Visit Us at RSA Conference 2024!

Experience the future of endpoint data security firsthand. Visit Cigent (booth #6279) and Swissbit (booth #5270) at the RSA Conference 2024 to learn more about this groundbreaking partnership!

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