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Prevent unauthorized file access with MFA

Zero-day ransomware, malware, and Cigent service bypass prevention

  • Critical files always require MFA and all other encrypted files only when threats are detected
  • Access files online and offline with PIN, fingerprint, facial recognition, CAC/PIV, Duo, and authenticator apps
Prevent unauthorized
Make Your Data Invisible

Make Your Data Invisible

Adversaries cannot steal what they cannot see: unreadable storage partition protected by non-recoverable key

  • Data is invisible, even after logging on, until unlocked with MFA and Cigent software

Protect Data Wherever It Goes

Encryption and access controls for any file wherever it goes

  • Protect all file types: Office, Adobe, CAD, images, applications – any file
  • Users easily share files outside the organization by adding individuals to the file’s trusted user list
Protect Data
Automated Threat Response.jpg

Automated Threat Response

Self-defending storage firmware that makes data invisible if Cigent service is disabled

  • Protects files against advanced remote data theft and ransomware attacks
  • Automatically makes encrypted files and partitions inaccessible if Cigent service is not running properly

Verified Device Erasure

Ensures every block has truly been wiped

  • Allow for drives to be safely repurposed or retired
  • Saves budget and provides for a greener option
  • Provides emergency data destruction confidence
Verified Device Erasure.jpg
Immutable Insider Detection

Immutable Insider Detection

Secure data access logs capture all insider threat activity

  • Only solution that tracks data theft when insiders boot off a USB stick
  • Prevents insiders or external attackers from “covering their tracks.”
  • May be used for incident response, non-repudiation, and litigation