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Stop Ransomware and Remote Attacks.

EDR will fail. Cigent stops assailants from compromising data with zero-trust data protection.

Stop Ransomware and Remote Attacks

Detect and respond has proven ineffective. Advanced malware, fileless malware, living-off-the-land, zero-day, supply chain, and social engineering attacks can bypass EDR resulting in compromises.

  • Attackers able to disable security software
  • Vast number of unpatched known and unknown software vulnerabilities
  • Sophisticated attackers utilize increasingly specialized tactics and capabilities
  • Supply chain and firmware attacks

Unmatched Remote Attack Security

Invisible Data

Invisible Data

Data is unreadable at the sector level even after logging on until unlocked with MFA and automatically hides again when the user locks the screen.

Zero Trust File Access

Zero Trust File Access

Zero-trust file access controls using MFA that protects files from attacks. File access controls block zero-day ransomware and only allow the trusted user to access files with MFA.

Keep-alive Heartbeat

Keep-alive Heartbeat

Storage firmware heartbeat ensures Cigent software is always running and makes in-use data invisible if attackers disable Cigent software.

Remote Attacks to Bypass EDR and Steal Data

physical data security


Data is exfiltrated

How Cigent differs: Data cannot be exfiltrated, protected from unauthorized users by zero trust file access.


EDR and endpoint security is disabled

How Cigent differs: If Cigent software is disabled, data is made invisible by keep-alive heartbeat in storage


Data is encrypted for ransom

How Cigent differs: Ransomware cannot encrypt files that are invisible and protected by zero trust file access.