Why Cigent Protect Data Wherever It Goes

DLP is complex to manage and too restrictive on users. Cigent protects individual files with secure file sharing and zero trust file access.

Organizations cannot control access to files when stored on clouds, collaboration platforms, emailed outside the company or saved to removable media, making them easily accessible to adversaries.

  • Adversaries who compromise user credentials, clouds, hosted apps, or email can get access to an organization’s data
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions are complex to implement, manage, maintain, and bog down security teams with many notifications without context
  • Application-specific Rights Management Systems (RMS) only provide data protection for specific file types
  • Data protection solutions that prevent employees from doing their job create shadow IT and resentment for security policies

Our Layered Approach Provides Simple and Effective File Security

Secure File Sharing

Files remain encrypted, only accessible by trusted users, wherever they go

Zero Trust File Access

File access controls only allow trusted users to access files with MFA